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ThinkWide Framework
Speed up your .Net ,java development with this powerful, flexible, and transparent Object-Relational data persistance framework.

ThinkWide rapid development framework can be configured, ThinkWide is based on. Net 3.5, C # 3.0 ,java software development framework class library. ThinkWide design goal is to make the greatest efforts to reduce the developer's workload, the maximum improve development efficiency, taking into account the performance and scalability, is a complete software application solution involves a comprehensive software technology includes data access, data, deployment, business logic layer, and the configuration layer, interface layer and so on. (Currently the base class business logic layer, layer and layer configuration gradually developing)

Flexible O / R mapping, and more concise code. Relative to iBatis, Hibernate more flexible and convenient.
Providing entity class generation tool, eliminating handwritten entities workload.
Dynamic entity class factory, run-time dynamic object and cache entity class interface implementation class.
Provider-based models can be extended to support persistent database source.
Support multiple database sources.
Paradigm based on the strong type of entity persistence and data access interfaces.
Plant-based distributed service container, transparent distributed service invocation and distribution of
Distributed service can be switched to support the WebService, Remoting, WCF data queue without having to modify any code.


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